December Literature Connections


Date: Any day in December

This month is special because: It is Human Rights Month


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1. Encourage students to make friendship bracelets and exchange them with friends.

2. Human Rights leaders look for ways to make the world a better place for everyone to live in. Invite students to brainstorm how the classroom can be made a better place.

3. Divide the class into pairs. Ask each child to think of three nice things about his or her partner. Ask children to share their words of kindness with the class.

4. Encourage children to make a collage of people that have helped the Human Rights cause. Some children might choose to create and illustrate a poster instead.

5. Brainstorm with students why it's good to be kind to everyone.

Date: December 3

This date is special because: It is Gilbert Stuart's Birthday. Gilbert Stuart was an American portrait painter.

Books That Relate To This Date:


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1. Children can do self portraits in a variety of art media.

2. Ask students to make a frame for their self-portraits to give to parents, family members or caregivers.

3. Allow students to do word portraits of themselves using words cut out from newspapers and magazines.

4. Read "Prairie Visions: The Life and Times of Solomon Butcher" (Conrad, 1991). Discus the lives of these people. How were they different from and similar to students' lives? Encourage students to write about it.

5. Ask students to find prints of famous portraits in art books in the library or at a local museum. Share with the class.

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