June Literature Connections


Date: Any day in June.

This date is special because: It is Zoo and Aquarium Month.

Books That Relate To This Date:


Ancona, G. and Beth, M. (1989). "Handtalk Zoo." New York: Macmillan.

Borlenchi, P. (1992). "From Albatross to Zoo: An Alphabet Book in Five Languages." Ill. by Pers Harper. New York: Scholastic.

Brennan, J. and Keaney, L. (1989). "Zoo Day." Minneapolis: Carolrhoda.

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Carle, E. (1989). "One, Two, Three to the Zoo." New York: Putnam.

Cohen, D. and Cohen S. (1989). "Zoos." New York: Bantam Doubleday.

Cole, J. (1993). "The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor." Ill. by Bruce Degen. New York: Scholastic.

Demi. (1985). "Demi's Find the Animal A-B-C." New York: Putnam.

Ehlert, L. (1990). "Fish Eyes: A Book You Can Count On." San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.

Ehlert, L. (1989). "Color Zoo." New York: Lippincott.

Gibbons, G. (1987). "Zoo." New York: HarperCollins.

Goennel, H. (1993). "Heidi's Zoo: An Un-Alphabet Book." New York: Tambourine.

Knowles, S. (1990). "Edward the Emu." Ill. by Rod Clement. New York: HarperCollins.

Lacome, J. (1993). "Walking Through the Jungle." New York: Candlewick.

Lauber, P. (1990). "An Octopus is Amazing." Ill. by Holly Keller. New York: Crowell.

MaCarlky, P. (199)). "Ocean Parade: A Counting Book." New York: Dial.

Maestro, B. (1990). "A Sea Full of Sharks." Ill. by Giulio Maestro. New York: Scholastic.

Marshall, J.P. (1989). "My Camera at the Zoo." Boston: Little, Brown.

McMillan, B. (1992). "The Baby Zoo." New York: Scholastic.

Moss, M. (1987). "Zoos." New York: Bookwright.

Ormerod, J. (1991). "When We Went to the Zoo." New York: Lothrop.

Parramon, J.M. (1990). "My First Visit to the Aquarium." Ill. by G. Sales. New York: Barron.

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Roffey, M. (1988). "I Spy at the Zoo." New York: Macmillan.

Sandler, M. (1988). "Alistair Underwater." Ill. by Roger Bollen. New York: Simon & Schuster.

Spencer, E. (1990). "Animal Babies 1, 2, 3." Ill. by Susan David. Milwaukee: Raintree.

Wilson, A. (1990). "Look! The Ultimate Spot the Difference Book." New York: Dial.

Wood, J. (1993). "Animal Parade." New York: Macmillan.

Wu, N. (1993). "Fish Faces." New York: Holt.

Ziefert, H. (1991). "Zoo Parade!" Ill. by Simms Taback. New York: HarperCollins.


Carle, E. (1989). "Animals, Animals." New York: Scholastic.

Edwards, R. (1993). "Moon Frog." Ill. by Sarah Fox-Davies. New York: Candlewick.

Hooper, P. (1987). "A Bundle of Beasts." Ill. by Mark Steele. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

Lewis, J.P. (1990). "A Hippopatamustn't." Ill. by Victoria Chess. New York: Dial.

Martin, B. (1991). "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?" Ill. by Eric Carle. New York: Holt.

Prelutsky, J. (1983). "Zoo Things." Ill. by Paul O. Zelinsky. New York: Greenwillow.

"The Zoo Was in an Uproar" in: Prelutsky, J. (1990). "Something BIG Has Been Here." Ill. by James Stevenson. New York: Greenwillow. (page 62)

Yolen, J. (1980). "How Beastly! A Menagerie of Nonsense Poems." Ill. by James Marshall. New York: Collins.


1. Brainstorm the type of animals students will see on a zoo visit.

2. Arrange a visit to the zoo.

3. Help students make a class scrapbook of memories of the zoo.

Date: June 6

This date is special because: It is Recycling Day.

Books That Relate To This Date:


Bailey, D. (1991). "What Can We Do about Recycling Garbage?" New York: Watts.

Base, G. (1992). "The Sign of the Seahorse." New York: Abrams.

Bellamy, D. (1991). "How Green Are You?" Ill. by Danna Penny. New York: Crown.

Bellamy, D. (1992). "Tomorrow's Earth." Ill. by Benoit Jacques. Philadelphia: Courage Books.

Bogart, A. (1993). "Thinking Green in My Home." New York: Smithmark.

Bogart, A. (1993). "Thinking Green in My Neighborhood.": New York: Smithmark.

Bowden, J. (1990). "Where Does Our Garbage Go? " New York: Bantam Doubleday.

Bright, M. (1991). "The Ozone Layer." New York: Watts.

Brown, L.K. and Brown, J. (1992). "Dinosaurs tot he Rescue: A Guide to Protecting Our Planet." Ill. by Marc Brown. Boston: Little, Brown.

Elkington, J., Hailes, J., Hill, D. and Makower, J. (1990). "The Green Consumer." Ill. by Tony Ross. New York: Puffin.

Ernst, L.C. (1993). "Squirrel Park." New York: Bradbury.

Fife, D.H. (1991). "The Empty Lot." Ill. by Jim Arnosky. San Francisco: Sierra Club.

Gore, W.W. (1992). "Earth Day." Hillside, NJ: Enslow.

Greenblat, R.A. (1991). "Aunt Ippy's Museum of Junk." New York: HarperCollins.

Greene, C. (1991). "Caring for Our Air." New York: Enslow.

Jeffers, S. (1991). "Brother Eagle, Sister Sky: A Message from Chief Seattle." New York: Dial.

Lambert, D. (1986). "Pollution and Conservation." New York: Watts.

Lowry, L. (1992). "Earthwise at Home: A Guide to the Care and Feeding of Your Planet." Minneapolis: Carolrhoda.

Lowry, L. (1993). "Earthwise at Play: A Guide to the Care and Feeding of Your Planet." Ill. by David Mataya. Minneapolis: Carolrhoda.

Lowry, L. (1993). "Earthwise at School: A Guide to the Care and Feeding of Your Planet." Ill. by David Mataya. Minneapolis: Carolrhoda.

McQueen, K. and Frassier, D. (1991). "Let's Talk Trash: The Kids' Book about Recycling." New York: Waterfront.

Newton-John, O. and Hurst, B. (1993). "A Pig Tale." Ill. by Sal Murdocca. New York: Simon & Schuster.

Rosenburg, H. (1991). "Joey's Cabbage Patch." New York: Go Jolly.

Snow, T. (1990). "Global Change." New York: Childrens.


Conford, E. (1991). "Can Do, Jenny Archer." Ill. by Diane Palmisciano. Boston: Little, Brown.


"Mama Drives . . ." in: Adoff, A. (1988). "Greens." Ill. by Betsy Lewin. New York: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard. (page 18)

"Cacophony" in: Merriam, E. (1981). "Chortles." Ill. by Sheila Mamanaka. New York: Morrow. (page 11)

Moon, P. (1993). "Earth Lines: Poems for the Green Age." New York: Greenwillow.


Fleming, M. (1992). "Garbage." New York: Scholastic.


1. Organize or support a school recycling center. Ask individual grades to bring in recyclable items.

2. Encourage students to have a class competition for the most aluminum cans collected.

3. Establish a class recycling club. Collect dues and form club rules.

4. Students can write and put on a play, setting forth their recycling goals and objectives for the whole school.

5. Ask students to pick up recyclables around the community.

6. Visit a recycling center.

7. Brainstorm items that are made from recycled products.

Date: June 11

This date is special because: It is King Kamehameha's birthday (1737).

King Kamehameha was a Hawaiian king.

Books That Relate To This Date:


Feeney, S. (1985). "A is for Aloha." Photos by Jeff Reese. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press.

Feeney, S. (1980). "Hawaii is a Rainbow." Ill. by Hella Hammid. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press.

Feeney, S. (1989). "Sand to Sea: Marine Life of Hawaii." Photos by Ed Robinson & others. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press.

Kawai'ae'a, K.C. (1988). "Let's Learn to Count in Hawaiian." Ill. by Cliff Tanaka. Hawaii: Island Heritage.

Marsh, C. (1992). "Hawaii Timeline: A Chronology of Hawaii History, Mystery, Trivia, Legend, Lore and More." New York: Gallopade.

Marsh, C. (1992). "My First Book bout Hawaii." New York: Gallopade.

McNair, S. (1990). "Hawaii." Chicago: Childrens Press.

Murray, P. (1987). "Let's Learn the Hawaiian Alphabet." Ill. by Cliff Tanaka. Hawaii: Island Heritage.

Stanley, F. (1991). "The Last Princess: The Story of Princess K'tulani of Hawaii." Ill. by Diane Stanley. New York: Macmillan.


"I Left My Book in Hawaii" in: Dakos, K. (1990). "If You're Not Here, Please Raise Your Hand." Ill. by G. Brian Kara. New York: Macmillan.

"Lulu" in: Lee, D. (1991). "The Ice Cream Store." Ill. by David McPhail. New York: Scholastic.


1. Invite an individual in your school or community who has been to Hawaii to come in and share his or her pictures, slides, and stories.

2. Invite students to create a pocket chart of Hawaii. They may include islands, cities, volcanoes, and other names taken from the above titles.

3. Encourage students to design a crown for King Kamehameha.

Date: June 14

This date is special because: It is Flag Day.

Books That Relate To This Date:


Armbruster, A. (1991). "The American Flag." New York: Watts.

Ayer, E. (1992). "Our Flag." New York: Millbrook.

Brandt, S. R. (1992). "State Flags." New York: Watts.

Crampton, W. C. (1989). "Flag." New York: Knopf.

DeBarr, C.M. (1990). "Saga of the American Flag." Ill. by Barbara Schiefer. Tucson, AZ: Harbinger.

Fisher, L.E. (1993). "Stars and Stripes: Our National Flag." New York: Holiday House.

Fradin, D.B. (1988). "The Flag of the United States." New York: Childrens.

Gross, R.B. (1991). "You Don't Need Words! A Book about Ways People Talk Without Words." Ill. by Susannah Ryan. New York: Scholastic.

Haban, R.D. (1989). "How Proudly They Wave: Flags of the Fifty States." New York: Lerner.

Jefferis, D. (1985). "Flags." New York: Watts.

Rowland-Entwistle, T. (1988). "Flags." New York: Bookwright.

Swanson, J. (1990). "I Pledge Allegiance." Ill. by Rick Hanson. Minneapolis: Carolrhoda.


"Flag" in: Silverstein, S. (1974). "Where the Sidewalk Ends." New York: Scholastic. (page 24)


1. Ask students to research the state flag and make a replica for the classroom.

2. Challenge students to design a flag for the school.

3. Ask students to design a flag for the classroom, or an individual flag depicting themselves.

4. Challenge the class to research flags around the world. Let students vote on their favorites and chart the results.




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