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Help build math awareness in your classrooom with Scholastic's math resources. These activities and lesson plans offer something for every skill level from PreK through middle school.

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Building Math Concepts
Children will learn to sort, count, and measure — block by block!

Learning With Our Shoes
Children will learn that there's more "underfoot" than they expected with this creative shoe activity.

Making Fruit Shape Kebabs
Young children learn mathematical concepts best through hands-on activities. Help children learn about shapes by making a sweet, healthy snack together. Versión española

Manipulative Mania
Inspire your children with these materials to sort, compare, measure, order, and count.

Measure for Pleasure
These measuring activities are fun to do, and they give children hands-on practice with an important math skill. Versión española

Pet Survey
Take a survey to help children collect information about pets.

Shape Soup
Cooking helps children learn about measuring, nutrition, and following step-by-step instructions. Warming up with this dish can teach about shapes too! Versión española

Thinking Math
Questions to ask and games to play to help children think mathematically.

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All Other Grades
Math Facts for K–2
Mastering the Games and secret codes help kids learn math skills.

Max's Math Adventures (K–2)
Six and a half year-old Max and his best friend Ruth are your hosts in solving math problems that include adding, subtracting, patterns, and graphs.

Math Maven's Mysteries (3–5)
Our chief math sleuth helps students solve math capers of all kinds. Students follow the maven as they sharpen skills, such as logical reasoning, money and decimals, whole number operations and many others.

Math Hunt (5–8)
Visit Web sites and hunt for answers to math problems.

Lesson Plans with Marilyn Burns (all grades)
How to Make the Most of Math Manipulatives
Explore Math in Everyday Activities
7 Basics for Teaching Arithmetic Today
Simple Ways to Assess Math Sense
4 Great Math Games

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Internet Field Trips
Quick suggestions for using targeted Web sites with math concepts

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