Source: The Multicultural Game Book

Pusa At Aso
Place of Origin: Philippines

Skills:   Speed and agility
Ages: 6 and older
Players: 10 or more
Materials: None

About the Game
Pusa at aso means cat and dog in the Filipino language of Tagalog. This game is guaranteed to get students' blood pumping, particularly for the two named cat and dog. Pusa at Aso also teaches children how to work together to have fun.

Playing the Game
1. Choose two players — one to be the DOG, one to be the CAT. Have the other players join hands and make a large circle. The DOG stands on the outside of the circle and the CAT on the inside.
2. On the count of three, the DOG tries to run into the circle and catch the CAT. Both the CAT and DOG may run in and out of the circle at will.
3. Players standing around the circle are there to help the CAT. To prevent the DOG from catching the CAT, players can raise and lower their joined hands making it hard for the DOG to pass by. They can do the same thing for the CAT.
4. If any player around the circle feels the DOG needs a break, the player yells: "Open the gates!" and everyone releases their hands.

Ending the Game
Once the CAT is tagged, he or she returns to the circle and another player is chosen. Players may want to change the rules and have the CAT chase the DOG.