Source: The Multicultural Game Book in the Teacher Store.

Place of Origin: Greece

Skills: Concentration, quick and accurate reflexes
Ages: 6 and older
Players: 10 or more
Materials: 2 Hula-hoops
Balls, bean bags, or other objects for throwing
Outdoor playing area or indoor gymnasium

About the Game
Hoop games have been popular since 300 B.C. Over the years, hoops have been used in many different ways: Hippocrates prescribed hoop rolling to cure the weak; American Indians used rolling hoops to sharpen young boys' aim; Chugach Eskimos competed by throwing long poles through a moving hoop; European boys and girls participated in hoop-rolling races. In the United States, hula-hoops became a fad of the 1960s.

The Greek philosopher Artemidorus once wrote: "If you dream about rolling a hoop, it means that you have come to the end of your troubles, and abundant happiness will follow."

Playing the Game
1. Divide players into two teams. Pick one person from each team to be the roller. These two should stand at one end of the playing area.
2. As the rollers roll the hoops past their team, their teammates should try to throw a ball or any pre-selected object through the hoop without touching its sides.

Winning the Game
The team who makes the most successful throws, wins.