In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

By Mary Beth Spann

Props/Costumes (continued):

· Help children design paper-plate stick puppets to serve as simple masks representing the characters in the play. As they perform the play, they can hold the puppet masks as they go through the movements. (Tip: Since nature is depicted as characters in this play, this is a good opportunity to introduce students to the concept of personification in literature.) Consider adding ribbons or crepe-paper streamers to the masks representing the wind and the water.

· A supply of paper-plate spring flower masks can be hidden behind the craft-paper ground line. Students playing the snowflakes can "melt" and then exchange their snowflake masks for spring flower masks.

· To prepare the student trees, tape autumn leaves to their "branches." Then place a supply of paper icicles and paper leaf buds nearby for the wind to tape to the branches at the appropriate times.

Pantomime Production Notes:

· The action words in italics in the following pantomime play suggest movements the students may act out. Before asking the children to pantomime any movements suggested by the story, have them listen as you read through the entire story line. Then print the underlined words on a piece of chart paper. As you familiarize students with the list, encourage them to suggest a variety of ways they might use movements to depict each action. Be prepared to offer some ideas of your own — especially for those movements that children may find difficult to envision. Jot any movement ideas in parenthesis next to the words on the list, for example:

darkened: hunch shoulders, lift elbows, and cover face with hands

bubbled and foamed: bend the knees up and down standing in place

icy gusts: make large circles across the front of the body with the arms

felt quite powerful: puff up chest, throw shoulders back

give up hope: throw hands up in despair

melted over to nibble: slither body down and up again

scurried over to hear: run with tiny, hurried steps

swirled up to nudge away: flutter wrist upwards



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