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See your room from a different perspective.

Social Skills: Ask for help, explain answers, seek accuracy.
Academic Skills: Create and compare simple classroom maps.
Teacher: Before you begin the activity, clearly mark the North, South, East and West of your room. Reproduce a map grid for each student. (see next page) Have students make sure to turn their page so that the compass on their paper is in correct alignment to the classroom. Note: Younger students can concentrate on only the closest, or farthest points for their map. Older students can add other layers of details to their maps.

1. Turn your paper so that the N on your compass is facing NORTH. 2. Draw symbols of the closest things around you in the classroom on the NORTH, SOUTH, EAST and WEST. 3. Draw symbols of the farthest things away from you in the classroom on the NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, AND WEST. 4. Put samples of the symbols in the key. 5. Use your maps to try the group Make-a-Map activities below.

IMAGE Make-A-Map Activity Card 1: LET'S NAVIGATE!
Pick a destination you agree on. Using your map, write directions to get to it. Take time to read and try each other's directions. Do the directions take you to your goal?

IMAGE Make-A-Map Activity Card 2: KEYS TO MAP MAKING!
Compare your maps to see what symbols you used in the keys. How are they alike? How are they different? Get out other maps to see what symbols are used. Make a chart showing some of the symbols you found and what they mean.

IMAGE Make-A-Map Activity Card 3: MAP MIX-UP!
Put your completed maps in one pile, face down. Shuffle and pass out to members. Reading your map, try to find the desk locations it is showing. Did you find It? Discuss what confused or helped you.

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