Source: Hands-On Math Around the Year in the Teacher Store.

Today's Temperature

Students become familiar with a thermometer and its freezing point as they practice reading and recording the temperature.

Skills and Concepts: measuring temperature


  1. Show students a thermometer. Point out its parts and discuss its purpose. Ask students if they know what temperature is the freezing point. (32 Fahrenheit)
  2. Place a thermometer outside the classroom window (or in some other easily accessible location).
  3. At the same time every day, read the thermometer with students. Model for students how to record the temperature on the record sheet.
  4. Ask students if today's temperature is above or below the freezing point.
  5. After several demonstrations, assign different pairs of students to record the temperature on a daily basis and share their findings with the class. Display the thermometer record sheet each day. Together, look for patterns over time.
  6. To go further, graph the temperature each day. As students check the temperature, they can record it on the thermometer record sheet and on the graph. Look for patterns on the graph.

Record Sheet



  • outdoor thermometer
  • red crayon or marker
  • Today's Temperature... record sheet