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Meet Arctic Animals

Activity: Class teams write a report on Arctic animals and their habitats.

  1. Even though the Arctic is covered with ice, it is home to many kinds of animals. Have students visit the sites listed below to learn about the region's wildlife, such as polar bears, arctic foxes, caribou, and walruses.

  2. Divide the class into small groups and ask them to choose an animal they'd like to research. Have each group write a short report about the animal using the Web sites below, including important information, such as its appearance, habitat, and diet, and any interesting facts they discover. They should also describe one way that the creature has adapted to the cold climate. Encourage them to illustrate their reports with a picture of the animal, labeling special characteristics, such as the polar bear's white fur or the walrus's long tusks.

  3. Have groups present their reports to the class and hang them on the Arctic bulletin board.

  4. As a fun follow-up activity, play What Am I? A student gives three clues about an animal, and class members must guess the answer.

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Picture of wildlife

Picture of wildlife



The Arctic and Its Animals

Arctic Life

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