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Explore the Arctic Tundra

Activity: Students learn about the Arctic tundra and compare it to other ecosystems, then compose a poem about this unique environment.

  1. Review the definition of a biome, or ecosystem. If your class has not studied ecosystems (groups of living things — plants and animals — and the environment in which they live), you can use the term environment.

  2. Ask students to name ecosystems they know, such as rain forests, deserts, and oceans.

  3. Explain that the ecosystem in the Arctic is known as the tundra. Visit the "Tundra" site to learn more about this biome. Ask students to describe the tundra. How is it different from other ecosystems they've studied? Have them keep a list of descriptive words and phrases that come up in your discussion.

  4. Ask children to write a poem about the tundra using the words and phrases from their list. Display their work on the Arctic bulletin board.

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picture of the Arctic

picture of the Arctic


Site: Tundra

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