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  Introduction: The Science of Caves
  Visit the Paleolithic Cave at Lascaux
  Caves in the United States
  Sea Caves
  Cave Animals
Caves are natural openings in the earth that seem to invite exploration. Once inside, there is an urge to venture deeper, to learn about its origins, and to discover what is hidden in the darkness. Encourage your students to become “spelunkers” (amateur cave explorers) with this imaginative theme unit. They'll learn how water carves out caves, tunnels, and passageways in the earth by making their own miniature caves and stalactite crystals. A cybervisit to see the extraordinary cave drawings in the Lascaux cave will lead students to explore how they would record their own culture. Next, your students will learn about sea caves and write their own adventure stories. They'll also learn about the fascinating animals that visit caves or make the darkest regions their home. Each mini-lesson includes background information, a step-by-step activity and links to the best online resources for kids.