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Learning About Ancient Egypt



• Learning About Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egyptian history is so old that it was old even to the people we call the ancient Greeks. It's considered be one of the birthplaces of modern civilization because of its many achievements in math, science, and architecture. Egypt is located in northeastern Africa, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Red Sea to the east. Egypt is made up of expanses of hot, dry desert and the rich fertile delta of the Nile River. Egypt's two biggest geographical realities, the desert and the Nile, provided the early Egyptians with the tools to build their civilization.

How Do You Get There?
Ask your students to find Egypt on a world map. Then ask them to locate the Nile River. Use the Distance Calculator Web site to calculate the distance between where you live and Egypt. How far is it? Ask your students to write directions to get to Europe by land and sea. Post these directions all around your world map, and you'll be ready to set off on your journey!

Mapping Ancient Egypt
Using some of the sites below, have your students draw or trace a map of ancient Egypt. Ask them to use these maps for the entire unit. As they learn new facts, such as the location of pyramids or the sources of building stones, they should record these new facts on their maps.

Time Line
To help students comprehend the immense time span of Egyptian history, construct time lines of your students' lifetime, American history, and Egyptian history to illustrate relative lengths of time. Use yarn to mark the time line, with one inch equaling ten years. How long is the string representing the years since most of the students in the class were born? How long is the string representing American history since 1776? The Great Pyramid of Khufu was under construction by approximately 3200 B.C. Your students will be amazed how long your time line is!

How Far Is It?
An easy-to-use distance calculator.

Hyper History
Great site for timelines and maps.

Ancient Near East Map Sites

National Geographic Maps

Color Tour of Egypt

Egypt page
Includes links to other Egyptology pages.