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A Family Celebration

Dear Parent:
We're working on a family unit in school. The activities in the unit enable your child to explore all the many things that make families — especially yours — so special. Here are some ways to celebrate your family at home.

Special Events Calendar
Help your child to create family calendars. Discuss information you might want to include, such as birthdays of family members and holidays your family celebrates.You can also schedule family activities, such as exercising, reading, playing games, and cooking, and note these on the calendar.

Our Corner
Create a special family memento corner in your home. You can help your child choose mementos that represent each member of your family.

Snapshot Memories
Look through family photographs together. Describe special memories relating to the pictures, such as what was happening at the time they were taken.

Shoebox Capsule
Make a family time capsule using a shoebox. Ask each family member to contribute a meaningful item. Make a list of who contributes each item and place this in the capsule. Then, mark the capsule with the date it's created. Put the capsule in a special place and make a plan to open it at a given time in the future, such as when your child graduates (keep a record of this date so you don't forget to open the capsule).

Favorite Food Placemats
Work with your child to make a set of family placemats. Help your child find out the favorite foods of each member of the family. Cut out magazine pictures of these foods and paste them in collages on construction paper. The collages can then be laminated and used as placemats.

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