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Author: Grandpa Loved and Grandma's Scrapbook
Birthday: February 9, 1953
Home: Westhampton Beach, N.Y.

Author Josephine Nobisso feels very lucky that she grew up in a big, big family. "My parents were born in Italy," she says, "but they moved to the Bronx in New York City where they lived and worked near their families." Every weekend Josephine's family "did the rounds," meaning they took turns visiting at one another's house. She remembers, "There were always at least 20 people at Sunday dinner. My best friends were my sister and my cousins."

When Josephine grew up, she moved away from home. She enjoyed new adventures. Still, she imagined how wonderful it would be if her whole family could be with her wherever she went. That's when she got the idea to write Grandpa Loved, the story of a child who remembers loving his grandfather in different places and at different times. Children and adults loved that book. So Josephine's editor asked her if she ever had tried writing a book about a grandmother. She hadn't. But she had written one about her aunt. Josephine changed the aunt to a grandmother and Grandma's Scrapbook was soon published.

When Josephine is not writing or spending time with her husband and daughter, she visits schools and talks to children about the best ways to get their ideas onto paper. "I tell them, 'When you write, use your five senses to show what you mean. So, instead of telling us that your brother is nice, write about what your brother sounds like or looks like when he is being nice so we will get the picture of him being nice, too.'"


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