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Inventions All Around Us!

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Activity: Students will keep a journal listing all the household inventions they observe. Class groups will be assigned to different rooms of the house, researching the everyday inventions that are found there. Then the class will create a "mural" of a house, filling each room with facts and pictures about common inventions.
  1. As a homework assignment, ask students to keep a journal listing all the inventions they come across in their own homes. They should list each invention by room, from the toothpaste in their bathroom to the television set in their living room, and briefly describe the purpose of each one.
  2. The next day, compile a class list of everyday household inventions, putting each invention named under the appropriate room: living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and garage. Divide the class into small groups and assign each group to a different room.
  3. Each group will research as many inventions as they can find within their assigned room. For each invention, they should create an "invention card" with a picture of the invention and the following facts.
    • Name of invention
    • Name of inventor
    • Year it was invented
    • How does it help people?
  4. Fill in the mural (or cross section or floor plan) by having each group work on their assigned room with their invention cards.

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