Electronic Learning
Athletes Are What They Eat

Activity: Lead your students on a cyber-search to learn about how the body works, from strong muscles to good nutrition.

1. Olympic athletes need to be strong, but how do they get that way? Discuss with your students the ways an athlete might work to build muscle and endurance.

2. Ask your students to think about the physical qualities, besides sheer muscle power, that are important for Olympic athletes — what are some of these? (Speed, balance, agility, timing, and so on.) Discuss some different sports and what particular strengths they require (speed for running, timing and balance for gymnastics and diving, etc.)

3. To stay healthy and strong for basketball games, player Lisa Leslie has to eat a balanced diet that will give her lots of energy. Using the USDA recommendations at the site below, have each of your small groups design a healthy, three-day eating plan for Lisa.


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Food guide pyramid: