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Who Lives in the Rain Forest?

Activity: Students learn about different peoples who live in the tropical rain forests of the world. While gaining appreciation for other world cultures, they will also begin to consider how other people’s communities and daily lives differ from their own.

  1. Tropical rain forests have been home to indigenous, or native, peoples for thousands of years.

  2. Explore the sites below to learn about how different rain forest cultures find food, educate their children, and struggle to protect the environment they call home.

  3. Ask every student to write down one aspect of life in the rain forest. For example: “Some children don’t go to schools like ours. Instead, they learn how to hunt, fish, and survive in the forest from their parents or other members of their tribe.”

  4. As a class, create a list titled “If I Lived in the Rain Forest.” For example: “If I lived in the rain forest, I would learn how to hunt and fish.”

  5. Display this class list with the rain forest bulletin board.

Native People of the Tropical Rain Forest

People of the African Rain Forest

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People of the Rain Forest