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Travel Posters:
Our National Parks

Background: Discuss with your students the difference between a national park and a national forest. A national forest is land set aside to be protected and managed by the federal government. Trees can be harvested, and controlled grazing and mining operations are permitted. National parks are those areas preserved for their natural beauty, for recreation, and because of their historical value. Yellowstone was the first national park, established in 1872.

  1. Divide the class into groups that will each research a different national park or national forest using one of the sites below.

  2. Each group should prepare 10 travel facts to present to the class (e.g., Where is the park or forest located? What is the weather like? What are some of the special things to see there?).

  3. Have each group of students design a Travel Poster based on their research.


National Forests

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