A Week of Winter Weather
Through a week long of activities, children investigate aspects of winter weather, such as temperature and wind. Children familiarize themselves with weather-related words. Grades K– 2

Lesson Plans

Day 1: Weather Words

  • Learn winter weather vocabulary.

Day 2: Today's Temperature

  • Write about a weather experience.
  • Learn about thermometers and freezing point.
  • Practice taking temperature readings with a thermometer.

Day 3: For Signs of the Wind
Day 4: What Makes the Wind Blow?

  • Discover the properties of wind.

Time: Allow one class period for each day's activity.

Set Up/Prepare

  • Day 2: Today's Temperature
    Choose a location for the classroom thermometer. Print out record sheets for each child.
  • Day 4: What Makes the Wind?
    You may wish to conduct this experiment yourself before class time. That way you will be familiar with the process when you demonstrate the experiment for your class.

Assessment of Skills and Knowledge

Group assessment will take place by asking children to respond orally to questions about what makes the wind and how is air temperature measured. Children's work from the Assignment section will also be reviewed and discussed.

Teacher Reflection About Lesson

  • Was the estimated time sufficient to complete the lesson?
  • Did children improve their weather vocabulary?
  • Did they understand how to read a thermometer and connect air temperature to the concept of cold weather?
  • Was the outdoor activity too chaotic?
  • Did children understand that the change in air temperature causes the wind to blow?
  • Did children express their understanding of winter weather in their Assignment work?

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Day 1: Weather Words
· paper
· pencil

Day 2: Today's Temperature
· thermometer
· record sheet

Day 3: For Signs of the Wind
· jar of bubbles, bubble wand
· balloons
· crepe-paper streamers
· clear plastic bags

Day 4: What Makes the Wind Blow?
· empty soda bottle
· balloon
· thermos full of hot water
· pan

Day 5: Follow-up
· scissors
· reproducible for Wind Walk
· glue
· thumbtacks
· unsharpened pencils


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