Today's Temperature: Day 2

Grades K– 2

Lesson Plans


  • Write about a weather experience.
  • Learn about thermometers and freezing point.
  • Practice taking temperature readings with a thermometer.

Time: one class period

Set Up/Prepare:

  • Choose a location for the classroom thermometer.
  • Print out record sheets for each child.

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  • thermometer
  • record sheet


  • Review with children some of the winter weather words that they learned yesterday. Ask them what it feels like when they go outside during winter. Lead children to understand that during the winter it is cold outside.
  • Ask if any children have seen or used a thermometer. Ask if they know what it feels like outside when the temperature is 70°? When it is 30°? Explain that a thermometer measures the temperature of the air outside.
  • Show children a thermometer. Point out its parts and discuss its purpose. Explain to children that the freezing point is at 32º. This means that any water outside will turn to ice when the temperature is at, or below, 32°.
  • Place a thermometer outside the classroom window (or in some other easily accessible location).
  • At the same time every day, read the thermometer with children. Model for children how to record the temperature on the record sheet.
  • Ask children if today's temperature is above or below the freezing point.
  • Ask children what they think the temperature might be on a winter day. Have them explain their answers. Ask, what temperature does it have to be before it can snow? (32°)

Assign different pairs of children to record the temperature on a daily basis and share their findings with the class. Display the thermometer record sheet each day. Have the class work together to look for patterns over time.