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1. According to the Chinese calendar, what year begins on January 24?
2. Chinese tradition associates every year with a particular animal. This is the Year of the Snake. Which animal will represent 2005?
3. Which animal represents the year in which you were born?
4. Why do Chinese people clean their houses before the celebration of their New Year?
5. Why do people hang red-paper decorations for Chinese New Year?
(Hint: Click on “The Origin of Chinese New Year.”)
6.What do oranges and tangerines, traditionally served during this holiday, represent? (Hint: Click on “Chinese New Year,” then scroll down to “On New Year’s Day.”)
7. Feeling lucky this year? Get an on-line fortune cookie! What did your fortune say? (Hint: Click on “Virtual Fortune Cookies.”)
8. What is the name of the special cake made for the New Year? What does it mean when the cake rises high while baking?
9. Send someone you know an e-greeting card for the Chinese New Year. What is the greeting on the card you chose?

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