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A Fishy Tale
by Loren Jones

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Our school doesn't have many parties, but this year Ms. Cipriano said we could have a masquerade party. The fourth grade wanted the theme to be "Under the Sea," but the fifth grade wanted it to be " Outer Space." After much debate, it was decided the theme would be "Under the Sea."

Everyone had to be on a team, and everyone had to help. My team was in charge of special effects. Gary came up with a great idea. He got two big, old fishing nets from his father, which we used to cover the ceiling of the cafeteria. Gary, Jemma, and I used rope to tie the nets to the pillars, and it looked really great. Then we cut out fish shapes from colored paper and stuck them on the net.

Everyone seemed to dress in one of three costumes: some kind of fish, a mermaid, or Neptune--the "King of the Sea." Gary came as an electric eel, Jemma was a goldfish, and Carmen and I arrived as mermaids.

The cafeteria looked great. Jemma's father had put up colored lights for us. They made a wavy pattern like rippling water on the floor as they shone through the fishing nets. We were admiring our work when disaster struck. The netting fell down. We were all caught in the fish nets. We were laughing so hard we couldn't get up. We truly felt as if we were "under the sea."

Jemma's father turned on the regular lights while we got untangled. This wasn't the effect we imagined, but it sure was special!

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