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Confirm, Revise, Make Predictions
Predictions are based on prior knowledge as well as new information. For each event, pick a prediction that seems likely.

HINT: Ask "What is happening now?" Look back for clues in the story, and think about what you already know to figure out what will happen next.


__1. Marian Anderson was performing when she was only eight. A. Marian Anderson will leave the country to look for work elsewhere
__2. Marian wins a singing contest. B. Marian will continue to sing and study music.
__3. Marian is not offered many singing jobs in the United States. C. Marian receives international acclaim.
__4. Marian sings in countries all over Europe. D. Marian will be offered performing jobs.
__5. In 1954 Marian became the first African American to sing at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. E. Other African Americans will now have the opportunity to sing at prestigious concert halls

Marian stopped performing in 1964. Do you think she would have had the same problems if she was performing today? Why do you think that?

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