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What's Bugging Jessie?
By Amy Chang
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SCENE: School hallway, in front of Matt's locker

NARRATOR: Jessie and Matt have been friends from way back, but a special prize is about to put their friendship to the test.
JESSIE: (running up to Man, excited) Matt! I won the story contest! It says so, right here. (She shows the announcement and then suddenly shouts.) OH NO!
MATT: What's up with you?
JESSIE: (unhappy) Look. The winner has to read her story in front of the whole class! That means me.
MATT: (not understanding Jessie's tone) That's great. Everyone will get to hear your story.
JESSIE: Great? It sounds horrible. Forget it, No way.
MATT: (Ignoring her) Man, everybody'll love your story The crowds will go wild and demand to hear it again.
JESSIE: (taking her anger out on Matt) You just want to see me make a fool of myself in front of the whole school!
MATT: (defensively) No, I think you're acting like a fool. Your story's obviously good. It won the prize, didn't it?
JESSIE: If you like it so much, you can read it at the assembly.
MATT: (sarcastically) Great idea, genius. I'll make a great Jessica Peters.
JESSIE: If you're so smart, help me find a way out.
MATT: You don't need a way out. It'll be fun. JESSIE: No, it won't. If you were really a friend, you'd help me. Thanks a lot, traitor. (She stomps off in a huff)
MATT: (confused) Man, what happened?
NARRATOR: Will Jessie overcome her fear and speak at the assembly? Or will Matt help her get out of speaking? Will Matt and Jessie still be friends when it's all over? Stay tuned to find out.

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