Name: __
And Then...
Look at each picture.
Then underline the sentence that tells what will probably happen next.
a. A bear borrows the girl's suntan lotion.
b. It begins to snow.
c. The girl gets a sunburn.
  a. The boy buys more food because he is still hungry.
b. The boy begins to feel sick.
c. The boy juggles the food.
a. The girl hits the ball and runs to first base.
b. The girl begins to dance.
c. The girl does a flip.
  a. The boy puts the snowball in his pocket to warm it up.
b. The boy eats the snowball for lunch.
c. The boy throws the snowball to a friend.
Try This!
Make Sense:
Draw a picture of someone in the middle of an activity. Then write three sentences telling what might happen next. Two can be silly, but one must make sense. Share your work with a friend.

Source: 101 Fresh & Fun Critical–Thinking Activities