Name: __
Most Likely
Read the beginning of each sentence.
Circle the ending you think is most likely to happen.
1. The temperature is 100. You will be
cold warm hot freezing
2. Your team loses a game. You feel
disappointed happy silly lucky
3. When you pack your knapsack, you will be ready for
bed dinner a party school
4. When you draw a picture, you will want others to
lose it rip it up copy it admire it
5. When a friend asks you to a party, you are
sad excited worried sorry
6. When you practice the piano, you will
stay the same get worse improve forget how to play
7. When you buy new shoes, they will be
a bigger size an old style the same size a smaller size
8. When you finish your dinner, you will be
hungry ill full warm
Try This!
Look at the answers you did not circle. With your class, talk about when they might be possible.

Source: 101 Fresh & Fun Critical–Thinking Activities