School Routes
Introduce the concept of a route as a course used for traveling with this activity. Have several volunteers leave their desks and walk to a central location, such as the pencil sharpener or teacher's desk. After, discuss and compare the routes taken. Promote discussion by asking: Did everyone take the same route? In what ways were the routes the same? How were they different? Which route was the longest and which was the shortest? Which route would you take if you were in a hurry? Why?

Activity Options

  • Discuss the routes you take from your classroom to other locations in the school.
  • Share the emergency routes and procedures in your school.

Roger and Ripley's Route
Use Roger and Ripley's Route (reproducible
) to teach children to determine a route by following written clues. Hand out copies of the reproducible to the class. Explain to children that the stops Roger and Ripley made as they walked from school to home are listed in order in the corner of the page. Ask children to color the places Roger and Ripley visited and to draw a line tracing the route they took. For younger students, consider providing verbal clues. For example: First Roger and Ripley played on the school's playground. Next they went to the pet store, and so on.