It's a Whatsasaurus??????

Adapted from Scholastic News Edition 5/6, March 3, 1995

Scientists use Greek and Latin prefixes and suffixes to name new dinosaurs. Use the lists below to create and name your own imaginary dinosaurs. For instance, you could combine: tri (three), oculo (eye), retro (backward), pteryx (wing). Maybe a Trioculoretropteryx had three eyes - one in the back of its head so it could see when it flew backwards!!

Using the prefixes and suffixes below (and others that you already know), think of a totally outrageous dinosaur. When you have named it you might want to share it with other kids in your class. Also, you might want to draw your creation - What does a 3 eyed-backward-flying dinosaur look like anyway??




aqua = water cephalic = head
auri = ear ichthys = fish
brachio = arm gnathus = jaw
coelo = hollow mimus = imitator
dasy = shaggy pteryx = wing
derma = skin raptor = thief
diplo = double saurus = lizard
frigo = cold spinax = spine, thorn
lalo = babbling spondylus = vertebrae
mani = hand  
myo = mouselike  
odon = tooth  
nano = dwarf  
naso = nose  
ped, podo = foot  
pseudo = false  
sapro = rotten  
titano = gigantic  
ultra = beyond  
xeno = strange  

  lepto = small, weak



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