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  Earthquakes, Volcanoes & Plate Tectonics  
  Geologic History  
  Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers  
  Rocks and Minerals  
  Solar System  
  Water Cycle  


  Endangered Species  
  Environmental Studies  
  Fossils and Dinosaurs  
  Germs and Microbes  
  Habitats and Ecosystems  
  Heredity and Genetics  
  Human Body  
  Marine Life  


  Atoms and Molecules  
  Force and Motion  
  Matter and Elements  
  Simple Machines  


  Instruments and Measurement  
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     Internet Field Trips
Clouds  3-5, 6-8
Do online research to learn more about clouds.

See the Fall Foliage  K-2
Watch the leaves change colors and learn about seasonal weather patterns.

Wild Weather on the Web  K-23-5, 6-8
Use the Web sites to discover what's behind wacky weather.

     Lesson Plans
Capture the Wind  Early ChildhoodK-2
Challenge students to bag the wind with this hands-on activity.

Dirtmeister's Science Lab: How Does Rain Shape the Earth?  K-23-5
A hands-on science experiment with soil erosion led by science expert Steve Tomecek

Dirtmeister's Science Lab: Spring Is Sprung  K-23-5
A hands-on experiment with water movement in plants is lead by science expert Steve Tomecek

Dirtmeister's Science Lab: Weather or Not  K-23-5
A hands-on science experiment with cloud formation and condensation is lead by science expert Steve Tomecek

How Much Rain?  Early ChildhoodK-2
Practice predicting and measuring skills in this weather-related activity.

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb  Early ChildhoodK-2
Introduce weather concepts with this pantomime play.

Kicks Up a Storm: Weather  K-2
Make a wind spiral and see how warm air rises.

Meteorologists  Early Childhood
Will it rain tomorrow? Charting forecasts will help children learn about the science of weather.

Move Like the Wind!  Early Childhood
When the wind blows, dance and learn about movement.

Research Starters: Extreme Weather  3-5, 6-8
Start researching this science topic: extreme weather from Grolier Online.

Teacher Forum Topic: Favorite Winter Activity  K-2
Find out what other teachers do for wintertime activities.

Today's Temperature  K-2
Students become familiar with a thermometer and its freezing point as they practice reading and recording the temperature.

Unit Plan: Air and Weather  K-2
Chart weather conditions, learn how to determine an average temperature, and build fly gliders to observe the effects of wind.

Unit Plan: Let's Learn About Weather  K-2
Primary students learn about weather and how it affects people.

Weather Watch Scholastic Recommends 
This book list is perfect for use with the "Hurricanes!" online activity.

Weather Watchers Theme Unit  Early ChildhoodK-2
Find a variety of weather-related activities across the curriculum.

Weather Window  K-2
Look out the window, then brainstorm a flurry of weather words. (PDF) Source: Portable File-Folder Word Walls

Weather Words  K-2
Find creative ways to incorporate weather words into writing.

Wild Weather Cyber Crossword  3-5, 6-8
Use Web sites to find the answers to this crossword puzzle.

Wind Walk  Early ChildhoodK-2
Explore the wind with this activity.

Winter Fun Theme Unit  Early ChildhoodK-2
Celebrate winter with activities about holidays, winter weather, and more.

     Online Activities Teacher Guides
SciMan Says Super Science Game Teacher's Guide 
The teacher's guide to the online activity that has students uncover the mystery science subject.

Weather Watch Teacher's Guide 
Lesson-planning suggestions for using the "Hurricanes!" online activity in the classroom.

Cloud Key  3-5
Practice identifying cloud types with this reproducible. (PDF)

How Do Storms Form?  3-5, 6-8
Get a taste of meteorology with this hurricane tracking activity.

Precipitation Map  3-5
Use this activity to study precipitation and practice reading maps. (PDF) Source: Great Weather Activities

Weather Poems  Early ChildhoodK-2
Check out these cute poems about the weather. (PDF) Source: Thematic Poetry: Whatever The Weather

What Are Clouds Made of?  K-2
Dreamy activities show how clouds form. (PDF) Source: Early Themes: Weather