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  Endangered Species  
  Environmental Studies  
  Fossils and Dinosaurs  
  Germs and Microbes  
  Habitats and Ecosystems  
  Heredity and Genetics  
  Human Body  
  Marine Life  


  Earthquakes, Volcanoes & Plate Tectonics  
  Geologic History  
  Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers  
  Rocks and Minerals  
  Solar System  
  Water Cycle  


  Atoms and Molecules  
  Force and Motion  
  Matter and Elements  
  Simple Machines  


  Instruments and Measurement  
  Inventors and Inventions  
  Science Careers  

     Internet Field Trips
Animals, A - Z  K-23-5
Take a virtual tour of the National Zoo or search for your favorite animal on the Web.

Bats  3-5, 6-8
Navigate the Web to answer questions about this misunderstood mammal.

Big Cats: Tigers  3-5
Investigate these magnificent mammals and answer questions about tigers.

Crocodiles and Alligators  3-5
Use the Web to answer questions about crocs and gators.

CyberHunt: Into the Bat Cave   3-5, 6-8
Learn all about these fascinating, night-flying mammals.

Deserts  3-5, 6-8
Use the Web to research the unique habitat of the desert.

Fit and Fitted  K-23-5, 6-8
Explore how animals and people adapt to their environments.

Gorillas  3-5
How much do you know about gorillas? Test yourself.

     Lesson Plans
All About Animals  Early ChildhoodK-2
Find fun animal-themed activities in every subject to add to your curriculum.

Animal Activities  K-2
Find great activities that explore the world of animals around us. (PDF) Source: Fresh & Fun: May

Animal Habitats  Early Childhood
Get in the "habit" of investigating the world around you with this animal habitat activity.

Animals in Winter Scavenger Hunt  K-2
A fun activity that teaches how different animals cope with winter.

Are Cats Right or Left Pawed?  3-5
Find out whether cats prefer one paw over another.

Asian Pacific American Heritage: Printable Activities  K-2
Create Zodiac necklaces, build a kite, and practice calligraphy in these activities inspired by Asian Pacific Americans.

Baby Animals  Early Childhood
Children will sing, move, and match their way to learning more about baby animals.

Clifford's Lion Mask  Early Childhood
Design and create a scary or friendly lion mask.

Do the Animal Dance!  Early Childhood
Using their bodies is a fun way for children to learn about animals.

Farm Poems  Early ChildhoodK-2
Fun poems teach about farms, animals, and numbers. (PDF) Source: Thematic Poems for the Classroom: On the Farm

Grade-Perfect Theme Club: Let's Find Out, Grades K-1  K-2
The activities and reproducibles in this cross-curricular unit will help your students build research skills and handle information.

Grade-Perfect Theme Club: We Are Family, Grades 2-3  K-23-5
This theme unit for grades 2-3 contains activities, reproducibles, and other tips for exploring all kinds of families.

Grade-Perfect Theme Club: We Are Family, Grades 4-8  3-5, 6-8
This theme unit for grades 4-8 contains activities, reproducibles, and other tips for exploring all kinds of families.

Grade-Perfect Theme Club: We Are Family, Grades K-1  K-2
This theme unit for grades K-1 contains activities, reproducibles, and other tips for exploring all kinds of families.

Here Come the Frogs! CyberCrossword  3-5, 6-8
Learn lots of surprising facts about frogs as you explore these great Web sites.

Home, Wild Home!  Early Childhood
Learn about the kinds of places where animals make their homes.

It's a Zoo in Here!  Early Childhood
Create a classroom zoo for large-group science learning.

Learning About Animals' Bodies  Early ChildhoodK-2
Children put their bodies of knowledge together as they study animal body parts.

Learning About Veterinarians  Early ChildhoodK-2
Read about the work of a veterinarian and the importance of keeping pets safe and healthy.

Let's Make an Animural!  Early Childhood
Help bring science learning to life with this exercise in creative expression.

Life Cycle Activities  K-2
Check out these multidisciplinary activities that explore the life cycles around us. (PDF) Source: Fresh & Fun: April

Life in the Arctic Tundra  K-23-5
Go on an imaginary expedition to the frozen desert of the Arctic.

Magic School Bus: Ants in Its Pants: Social Behavior  K-2
Students use observation skills as they find out how ants work together.

Magic school bus: Cold Feet: Warm-/Cold-Blooded  3-5
Learn about cold-blooded animals by thinking about where a lizard might stay at various times.

Magic School Bus: Dries Up: Desert Adaptation  K-2
Find out about desert animals while discovering which foods they eat contain water.

Magic School Bus: Gets Eaten: Food Chain  K-2
Learn about the food chain by playing the roles of the sun, plants, herbivores, and carnivores.

Magic School Bus: Goes Upstream: Migration  K-2
Follow your nose to learn about how salmon migrate home.

Magic School Bus: Going Batty: Bats  K-23-5
Step into the roles of bat and moth to learn about echolocation.

Magic School Bus: In a Beehive: Honeybees  K-2
Dance the Honey Bee-Bop and try to communicate like a bee.

Magic School Bus: In the Arctic: Heat  K-23-5
Learn how insulation keeps animals warm with these experiments.

Magic School Bus: In the City: City Critters  K-2
Take a wildlife field trip of the neighborhood to discover what animals might live there.

Magic School Bus: In the Rain Forest: Rain Forest Ecology  K-2
Discover how all animals are interconnected through this activity.

Magic School Bus: Spins a Web: Spiders  K-2
Observe spiders in their habitats or in a "spider hotel."

Name Game  K-2
Use this poem to learn the names of animal young.

Not-So-Messy Hands-On Science  K-23-5
Four fascinating and fun science activities that guarantee twice the science learning with only half the mess.

On Defense  3-5
With this rich lesson plan you can teach some of the tricks that prey use to stay alive. (PDF) Source: Super Science Crosswords

Rain Forest: Online Theme Unit  3-5, 6-8
See how rainfall varies in different ecosystems and parts of the world.

Seasons Theme Unit  K-2
Learn about what causes the seasons and explore how changing seasons affect nature here on earth.

Super Skeletons   K-23-5
No bones about it, these exciting activities will help students learn the inside story on their body's internal framework.

Tadpole Transformation  K-2
Learn about metamorphosis by making a paper tadpole puppet that turns into a frog. (PDF) Source: Frogs

Teaching Science With Video  K-23-5
This article provides useful tips for using video in the science classroom.

The Arctic: Online Theme Unit  3-5, 6-8
Discover information about the Arctic in this series of cross-curricular activities.

Unit Plan: A Wild Family Album!  3-5
Select and research a favorite animal to make a scrapbook-style album to share.

Unit Plan: Animals Are Everywhere!  Early ChildhoodK-2
Activities that inspire children to explore the animals that inhabit the earth.

Unit Plan: Clifford Learns About the Circus and So Do We!  Early ChildhoodK-2
Discover the characteristics of many circus jobs, animals, and activities.

Winter Activities  K-2
Check out these multidisciplinary activities that help you celebrate winter. (PDF) Source: Fresh & Fun: December

     Online Activities Teacher Guides
Community Club Teacher's Guide 
A teacherís guide to the online activity that teaches early readers learn about neighborhood workers.

Scholastic Explorers: Endangered Ecosystems: Teacher's Guide 
Lesson-planning suggestions for using the "Endangered Ecosystems" online activity in the classroom.

Scholastic Explorers: Ocean Life: Teacher's Guide 
Lesson planning suggestions on using the "Ocean Life" online activity in the classroom.

Scholastic News Teacher's Guide 
Lesson planning suggestions for using Scholastic News in the classroom.

SciMan Says Super Science Game Teacher's Guide 
The teacher's guide to the online activity that has students uncover the mystery science subject.

Find the Animals  K-2
Find out where animals live in the winter with this graphing activity.

How Is an Animal Different From a Plant?  K-23-5
Determine characteristics of plants and animals with this Venn diagram activity.

How We Stay Safe  K-23-5
Learn the ways in which some animals protect themselves with this mini-book. (PDF) Source: 25 Solve-the-Riddle Science Mini-Books

Ocean Life  Early ChildhoodK-2
Find the things that don't belong in the ocean.

Penguin Friends  K-2
Learn about penguins with this easy-to-make mobile.

Reptile Background Information  K-23-5
What exactly is a reptile? Learn all about the scaly creatures. (PDF) Source: Remarkable Reptiles

What Do Living Things Do to Stay Alive?  3-5
Determine how living things are alike and different with this activity.