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  Environmental Studies  
  Endangered Species  
  Fossils and Dinosaurs  
  Germs and Microbes  
  Habitats and Ecosystems  
  Heredity and Genetics  
  Human Body  
  Marine Life  


  Earthquakes, Volcanoes & Plate Tectonics  
  Geologic History  
  Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers  
  Rocks and Minerals  
  Solar System  
  Water Cycle  


  Atoms and Molecules  
  Force and Motion  
  Matter and Elements  
  Simple Machines  


  Instruments and Measurement  
  Inventors and Inventions  
  Science Careers  

     Internet Field Trips
Bats  3-5, 6-8
Navigate the Web to answer questions about this misunderstood mammal.

Crocodiles and Alligators  3-5
Use the Web to answer questions about crocs and gators.

Earth Day Cyberhunt  3-5, 6-8
Explore vital issues as recycling, land conservation, and the long-term survival of all living things.

Fit and Fitted  K-23-5, 6-8
Explore how animals and people adapt to their environments.

Linking to Save the Earth  3-5, 6-8
Discover ways people are protecting the earth's environment and its creatures.

See the Fall Foliage  K-2
Watch the leaves change colors and learn about seasonal weather patterns.

The Everglades  3-5, 6-8
Discover the facts about animal life in this unique southern United States habitat and the threats to the Everglades.

     Lesson Plans
Caves Online Theme Unit  3-5, 6-8
Encourage your students to become “spelunkers” with these imaginative lessons.

Celebrate Earth Day  K-23-5
Find great environmental activities to use in conjunction with Earth Day.

Dirtmeister's Science Lab: How Does Acid Rain Affect the Ecosystem?  K-23-5
A hands-on experiment on the effects of acid rain on ecosystems led by science expert Steve Tomecek

Grade-Perfect Theme Club: I Am Responsible, Grades 4-8  3-5, 6-8
This integrated theme unit contains activities, reproducibles, and other resources to help your students connect classroom learning and life lessons.

Grade-Perfect Theme Unit: I Am Responsible, Grade K-1  K-2
This integrated theme unit contains activities, reproducibles, and other resources to help your students connect classroom learning and life lessons.

Grade-Perfect Theme Unit: I Am Responsible, Grades 2-3  K-23-5
This integrated theme unit contains activities, reproducibles, and other resources to help your students connect classroom learning and life lessons.

Keeping Our Community Clean  Early Childhood
Take a closer look at the environment and your community and explore ways to take care of it.

Life in the Arctic Tundra  K-23-5
Go on an imaginary expedition to the frozen desert of the Arctic.

Magic School Bus: Gets Swamped: Wetlands  K-2
Learn how wetlands help clean polluted water with these activities.

Magic School Bus: Holiday Special: Recycling  K-23-5
Learn why recycling matters and think about how to reuse various objects.

Magic School Bus: In the Rain Forest: Rain Forest Ecology  K-2
Discover how all animals are interconnected through this activity.

Magic School Bus: Meets the Rot Squad: Decomposition  K-2
Learn about decomposition by observing what happens to leaves mixed in damp soil.

Narrowing the Topic  3-5, 6-8
Show how students can take an active role determining a research topic. (PDF) Source: Easy Steps To Writing Fantastic Research Reports

Not-So-Messy Hands-On Science  K-23-5
Four fascinating and fun science activities that guarantee twice the science learning with only half the mess.

Oil Slick  6-8
Try a variation on a method used by pollution-control experts to clean up a spill.

Poetry Library: April  K-2
Find poetry selections and related activities for Earth Day and spring.

Polluted Soil  K-2
Find out how well seeds grow in polluted soil.

Rain Forest: Online Theme Unit  3-5, 6-8
See how rainfall varies in different ecosystems and parts of the world.

Rainforests  3-5, 6-8
Start researching rainforests with these great resources.

Splash into Summer  K-2
Wind up the school year with these engaging cross-curricular activities for outdoors.

Unit Plan: Let's Learn About Weather  K-2
Primary students learn about weather and how it affects people.

When Forest Trees Die  K-2
Explore decomposition with this activity.

Wildfires Instructor Online Theme Unit  3-5, 6-8
Find out all about wildfires with this series of cross-curricular activities focused around various Web sites.

     Online Activities Teacher Guides
Maggie's Earth Adventures Teacher's Guide 
Target specific skill development in English grammar, Math, Science and Spanish through fun, educational and involved games.

Scholastic Explorers: Endangered Ecosystems: Teacher's Guide 
Lesson-planning suggestions for using the "Endangered Ecosystems" online activity in the classroom.

Science Expedition: New Zealand: Teacher's Guide 
A teacher's guide to the online activity that focuses on New Zealand.

SciMan Says Super Science Game Teacher's Guide 
The teacher's guide to the online activity that has students uncover the mystery science subject.

Merry Maple Leaf  Early ChildhoodK-2
Celebrate autumn with a book that showcases all the color of the season. (PDF) Source: Month-by-Month Collaborative Books for Young Learners

Ocean Life  Early ChildhoodK-2
Find the things that don't belong in the ocean.

What Makes Up an Ecosystem?  3-5
Demonstrate how changes in an ecosystem affect its inhabitants with this activity.