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  Endangered Species  
  Environmental Studies  
  Fossils and Dinosaurs  
  Germs and Microbes  
  Habitats and Ecosystems  
  Heredity and Genetics  
  Human Body  
  Marine Life  


  Earthquakes, Volcanoes & Plate Tectonics  
  Geologic History  
  Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers  
  Rocks and Minerals  
  Solar System  
  Water Cycle  


  Atoms and Molecules  
  Force and Motion  
  Matter and Elements  
  Simple Machines  


  Instruments and Measurement  
  Inventors and Inventions  
  Science Careers  

     Internet Field Trips
Bugs Caught in the Web  K-23-5, 6-8
Learn about all sorts of creepy crawlers with these Web resources dedicated to bugs,

Monarch Butterflies  3-5
Research online information to answer questions about monarch butterflies.

     Lesson Plans
To Be . . . A Bee!  3-5
Why do honeybees dance? How do bees carry pollen? Answer these questions and more as you explore the world of honeybees.

Butterfly Wings  Early ChildhoodK-2
Enjoy a butterfly poem and learn about life cycles. (PDF) Source: Poem of the Week

Can You Spot the Imposter Ant?  3-5
Try to figure out which ant's description is fictional.

Curriculum Builders: Discovering Science in Nature  Early Childhood
Guide children's exploration of the great outdoors and make it a great experience.

Going Bug-gy! Scholastic Recommends 
Use the books from this list with the "Going Bug-gy!" online activity to extend learning.

Hackley's Hints: Insect Zoo  K-2
Students collect insects for an insect museum.

Magic School Bus: Ants in Its Pants: Social Behavior  K-2
Students use observation skills as they find out how ants work together.

Magic School Bus: Butterfly and the Bog Beast: Butterflies  K-2
Design butterflies to understand how their colors and shapes serve as camouflage.

Magic School Bus: In a Beehive: Honeybees  K-2
Dance the Honey Bee-Bop and try to communicate like a bee.

Mealworms in the Spotlight  3-5, 6-8
Explore characteristics of mealworms with these experiments.

Minibeasts  K-23-5
Learn about insects and other small creatures in this cross-curricular lesson.

Study Life Cycles With Butterflies  K-23-5
Dive into hands-on investigations that compare butterfly and human life cycles and help connect math and science.

Summer Splash Theme Unit  K-2
Find great activities to wrap up the year with this theme unit.

Unit Plan: Watch Your Step!  Early ChildhoodK-2
Kids create insects of their own and use them for dramatic play while learning about metamorphosis and the butterfly's life cycle.

     Online Activities Teacher Guides
Going Bug-gy! Teacher's Guide 
Lesson-planning suggestions for using the "Going Bug-gy!" online activity in the classroom.

Scholastic Explorers: Endangered Ecosystems: Teacher's Guide 
Lesson-planning suggestions for using the "Endangered Ecosystems" online activity in the classroom.

SciMan Says Super Science Game Teacher's Guide 
The teacher's guide to the online activity that has students uncover the mystery science subject.

Butterfly Spanish Mini-Book  K-2
Review the stages of a butterfly's life cycle with a Spanish mini-book. (PDF) Source: 25 Spanish Science Mini-Books For Emergent Readers

Follow the Butterflies  K-2
Start a discussion on how monarch butterflies migrate south in the fall.

The Spider Song  Early ChildhoodK-2
Sing "The Spider Song" to the tune of "London Bridge" to make learning about spiders fun. (PDF) Source: Just-Right Plays: 25 Science Plays for Emergent Readers