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Follow Big Foot Across the Alphabet

1. Make 26 left and right Big Feet using oak tag or colored construction paper. You can blow up the pattern on the next page for really big feet.

2. Label each pair of feet with a capital letter for every letter of the alphabet. (If possible, laminate for durability.)


ALPHA-BODY LINE UP: A cooperative class effort! Every student receives a pair of letter feet given out at random. Students "skate" on their feet to line up in correct alphabetical sequence.
BIG FOOT CENTER ACTIVITY: Three to five students can work together to match lower-case and capital letters, then put the pairs into ABC order.
BIG FOOT PATHWAYS: Tape letters on the floor in ABC order around the classroom. Students follow the pathway to a monster trivia question, a center activity, Halloween books, or other goal. Students can also attach footprints to stomp across bulletin boards and classroom walls!

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