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Unit-by-Unit Web Support, 2000 Edition:
What's New? (Grade 3, Unit 1)
Here are some of the best Web sites to use while teaching this unit. All of the sites referenced in your Literacy Place 2000 Teacher Editions are also listed here, unless the site no longer exists.
 Week 1
Global Kid Connections
Accompany your students to Global Kid Connections, where they can get to know students from all over the world. Students can learn about the types of houses, schools, and after-school activities found in other countries. (p. T11)
 Week 2
Fun With the Baby-sitters
Visit The Baby-sitters Club Web site to find baby-sitting tips. Share the tips with students and have them add a few more. Discuss what it is like to care for small children. (p. T71)
 Week 3 Chinese Language Tools
Students can learn to write Mandarin characters by watching the animations at this site. (p. T105)
  Celebrate Chinese New Year!
Students can learn about traditional celebrations by taking an Internet Field Trip with Scholastic. Note similarities between these New Year's customs and those observed by the students. (p. T121)
Top of Page Susan Kuklin
Have students visit Penguin Putnam's Web site and read Susan Kuklin's biography. They can learn all about the author and find out about projects she is working on right now. (p. T129)
 Week 4
Global Kid Connections: Argentina
Take students to Scholastic's Global Kid Connections to meet kids from Argentina. (p. T145)
Top of Page All Things Brusca
Author Marķa Cristina Brusca is one of many talented members of the Brusca clan. Send students to to find out how this family got its last name and many other historical tidbits. (p. T179)
 Week 5
Africa Day: Tour the Continent
Accompany students on a tour of Africa with Scholastic's Internet Field Trip. Explore the clickable map of Africa to learn about regional art and customs. Encourage students to discuss the importance of oral language and folktales as an aural art form. (p. T201)
Have students compare "How the World Got Wisdom" with other folktales from around the world. Guide them to the Folk and Fairy Tales collection of links at Yahooligans. (p. T219)
Top of Page Jerry Pinkney
Challenge students to find out how many times Jerry Pinkney has won the Caldecott Medal (three times). Guide them to his biography at Penguin Putnam's Young Readers Web site. (p. T225)
 Week 6
Writing With Writers: Myth Writing
Have your students take a myth-writing workshop with Jane Yolen. (p. T244)
Top of Page Iditarod
After watching an expert musher and his team of energetic sled dogs race across Alaska's open terrain, encourage students to visit Scholastic's Web site to meet musher Martin Buser and learn more about the Iditarod. (p. T257)
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