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Unit-by-Unit Web Support, 2000 Edition:
On the Job (Grade 3, Unit 3)
Here are some of the best Web sites to use while teaching this unit. All of the sites referenced in your Literacy Place 2000 Teacher Editions are also listed here, unless the site no longer exists.
 Week 1
The Development of the Modern Alphabet
Where did the letter "z" come from? To find out, navigate to the ready-to-use reproducible on Scholastic's Teacher site. (p. T11)
 Week 2
Mexican Tamales
Tamale teamwork can be researched on the Internet. Go to Donna's Day Web site to find a tamale recipe that lists steps in creating a fun tamale assembly line. (p. T61)
For more information about Mexican-American holidays and traditions, families might visit the Kids area of ICONnect. Students can pose questions to a librarian and he or she will respond with ideas for where to find more information. (p. T77)
Top of Page The Official Gary Soto Web Site
Gary Soto, the author of Too Many Tamales, has his own Web site. Here children can learn more about his achievements, books, and the places he'll be visiting next. (p. T93)
 Week 3
The Total Yellowstone Page
Have students check out Yellowstone National Park on the Internet. The site includes a lot of Yellowstone facts, an art gallery, wildlife updates, a kids page, and links to other Yellowstone sites. (p. T115)
Top of Page The National Parks Service
To find out more about national parks such as Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, the Badlands, Acadia, and the Everglades, send students to The National Parks Service Web site. (p. T154)
 Week 4
Let There Be Light!
Guide children to Scholastic's Internet Field Trip "Let There Be Light!" Here they can learn why the diamond reflected light in the colors of the rainbow in Tomie dePaola's story The Legend of the Persian Carpet. (p. T177)
Top of Page Tomie dePaola
To learn about Tomie dePaola's life, students can check out his Web site. Here they'll find answers to frequently asked questions and much more. (p. T191)
 Week 5
The Tooth Fairy Online
Make an appointment to meet the tooth fairy online. This children's dental site provides information about growing and caring for teeth. Check the FAQs (frequently asked questions) to learn what the tooth fairy does with baby teeth! (p. T213)
Top of Page Meet Wildlife Vet Dr. Mark Johnson
My what big teeth you have! Send students to the Wolves project on, where they can read a transcript of an interview with wildlife veterinarian Dr. Mark Johnson. In the interview, Dr. Johnson answers questions about his work —  including his dental work —  with wolves. (p. T229)
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