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Unit-by-Unit Web Support, 2000 Edition:
Hit Series (Grade 3, Unit 4)
Here are some of the best Web sites to use while teaching this unit. All of the sites referenced in your Literacy Place 2000 Teacher Editions are also listed here, unless the site no longer exists.
 Week 1
How much do your students know about coyotes? Encourage them to visit the National Park Service's Web site and search for the key word coyote. (p. T11)
How much do your students know about javelinas? At Arizona Highways Online they'll find javelinas profiled in the Wildlife Portfolio. (p. T11)
Top of Page Surprises of the Desert
Send children to the "Surprises of the Desert" Internet Field Trip, where they'll find links to desert-related sites, including a virtual hike through Big Bend National Park. (p. T27)
 Week 2
Smithsonian Institution Carriage Drawings
Take students on an exciting trip to the Smithsonian Institution online to see a covered wagon. (p. T71)
  What's Old Is New Again: Our Favorite Authors Come to the Web
Accompany children on a fact-finding mission on "What's Old Is New Again" Internet Field Trip. Here they can link to a Laura Ingalls Wilder Web site and find out why Pa took his family to the prairie. (p. T75)
 Top of Page KidNews
Send students to KidNews to see examples of reviews written by students. Consider submitting the students reviews to this site for publication. (p. T104)
 Week 3 A Thousand Friends of Frogs
Froggy fun can be found at the Web site for the Center for Global Environmental Education. Students will find frog facts, frog writing, frog art, challenge questions, and links to other frog sites. (p. T109)

The Magic School Bus Activity Lab
Have children go The Magic School Bus Web site to find an array of science activities. (p. T127)
 Top of Page Writing With Writers: Biography Writing
Before they write their home page biographies, send students to Scholastic's online biography writing workshop. Here they'll find tips, warm-up exercises, and challenges. (p. T141)
 Week 4 MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries
Put your students in a mysterious mood by guiding them to the kids area of MysteryNet. This site features mysteries for students and by students. (p. T157)

Writing With Writers: Mystery Writing
Have students track down the definition of red herring. Here's a clue: look in the Writing Tips in the mystery-writing workshop hosted by Joan Lowery Nixon. (p. T175)
  KidNews Reviews
At students can share their opinions about author Donald J. Sobol's famous young detective, Encyclopedia Brown, and read reviews written by other kids too. (p. T185)
Top of Page The Oakland Zoo
Students can research elephant facts at the Oakland Zoo. Ask them to find out how much elephants eat. (p. T195)
 Week 5 Volcano World
Kids can find the volcano facts that Jackie missed at Volcano World. They can also ask questions of a volcano expert and read about volcano school projects. (p. T223)

Virtual Science Fair
Students will find volcano facts and more at the Web site for the Park Maitland School. (p. T223)
 Top of Page Authors Online: Ann Martin
Children can learn more about author Ann Martin at Authors Online. (p. T237)
 Week 6
Writing With Writers
Your students can get writing tips — including dialogue — from the pros at Scholastic's Writing With Writers project. (p. T256)
Top of Page
Young Writers Clubhouse
At Real Kids Real Adventures, students can find tips on writing, answers to frequently asked questions, and much more. (p. T256)
For more information, call 1-800-SCHOLASTIC