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Unit-by-Unit Web Support, 2000 Edition:
Voyagers (Grade 5, Unit 3)
Here are some of the best Web sites to use while teaching this unit. All of the sites referenced in your Literacy Place 2000 Teacher Editions are also listed here, unless the site no longer exists.
 Week 1
Fact Monster
Students can go online to learn more about the natural wonders that are the subject of The Bunyans, a tall tale written by Audrey Wood and illustrated by David Shannon. At Fact Monster, children can type the name of a place, such as Bryce Canyon, in the search box, and then press Enter or click the search button to see the results. (p. T469)
  History Mystery: National Parks Games
Students can test their knowledge of national parks at Scholastic's online History Mystery game. Have children click on National Parks game 1 or 2, under Environmental History. (p. T497)
  Authors Online: Audrey Wood & David Shannon
Audrey Wood and David Shannon are featured authors on Authors Online. Students can browse the selected booklists or read the biographies to learn lots of fun facts about the authors. (p. T507)
Top of Page Missouri Botanical Garden
While exploring this online feature about biomes, encourage students to look for content area vocabulary in use. (p.T515)
 Week 2
The Age of Exploration
What do your students know about the history of ships and shipbuilding? Navigate students to the Educational Programs area on the Mariners' Museum Web site, where they'll find plenty of resources including time lines, pictures, and vocabulary. (p. T523)
  Viking Venturing
Students who are interested in the history of shipbuilding might enjoy learning about Viking craftsmanship. To find Scholastic-approved sites related to the Vikings, send students to the "Viking Venturing" Internet Field Trip. (p. T541)
  David Macaulay
Students can read about author David Macaulay on the Internet site for The New Way Things Work. (p. T555)
Top of Page National Maritime Museum
Send students to a virtual maritime museum. Using the site's search function, children can find the nautical vocabulary words used in context. (p. T563)
 Week 3
Chinese Historical and Cultural Virtual Museum and Library
How much do your students know about China, the childhood home of Jean Fritz? Encourage students to learn about China and its people by visiting the Chinese Historical and Cultural Project online. (p. T577)
  Map Machine
To make their letters interesting students can add maps to illustrate Jean's trip across the United States. Have students go the National Geographic Web site to find maps in a variety of formats, including printable maps. (p. T607)
  Authors Online: Jean Fritz
Have students go to Authors Online to find out more about how author Jean Fritz began writing during her sometimes lonely childhood in China. (p. T607)
Top of Page Well-Timed Lessons
Have students visit the "Well-Timed Lessons" Internet Field Trip on Challenge students to find the vocabulary terms as they browse. (p. T617)
 Week 4
The National Women's Hall of Fame
Guide students to the National Women's Hall of Fame Web site to read about Wilma Rudolph and other great women in history. Challenge them to find women who overcame great obstacles, as Wilma did. (p. T625)
Top of Page My Hero
Students can write essays about people they admire and have them published online. Guide them to My Hero to read descriptions of their heroes, including Wilma Rudolph. Students can sign the guest book, which includes a space for them to submit their hero descriptions. (p. T641)
 Week 5
Authors Online
Students can find profiles of several Literacy Place authors in the Authors Online area on (p. T680)
 Week 6
Far and Near
Have your students explore an online travel magazine, such as Far and Near. Encourage them to compare printed information to electronic information: What are the advantages and disadvatages of each medium? (p. T692)
Top of Page Japan National Tourist Organization's Web Site
For more information about tourists sites on the Internet, guide students to the Japan National Tourist Organization's Web site. Point out that many parts of a trip, such as plane and hotel reservations, can be handled on the Internet. (p. T695)
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