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A sample of reproducibles taken from Literacy Place's Literacy-at-Work series is available online for your convenience.

Click on the activity of your choice and then click "Print" on your browser toolbar. Some activities have multiple pages. Be sure to open each page individually and choose print. All activities may be photocopied for classroom use.

Students practice rhyming with this familiar game. (p. T122)
What Will Happen Next?
Students use picture clues to figure out what happens next. (p. T119)
Which One First?
Students use this fun activity to help determine the correct sequence of events. (p. T100)
With Answer Key.

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The S Game
This phonics game reinforces the /s/ sound.
Write a Poem
Students are introduced to poetry writing with this fun activity. (p. T40)
Get Ready to Write
Students have the opportunity to write about a setting of their choice. (p. T88)
Jaboti Plays His Flute
This familiar folk tale and worksheet help students understand the concept of plot. (p. T51)
With Answer Key.
Students practice sequencing with this short story and activity. (p. T45)
With Answer Key.
Harriet Quimby, Flying Ace
This reading activity helps students write details that support the main ideas of a story. (p. T33)
With Answer Key.
Winter Walks
Students practice drawing conclusions about how characters look and feel with this fun winter activity. (p. T255)
With Answer Key.

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Surprising Stories
This worksheet helps students figure out the theme of a story.
With Answer Key.
Fiction Description
Students practice writing character descriptions with this activity. (p. T38)
With Answer Key.
It's a Hit!
Students test their comprehension skills with this movie-review activity. (p. T180)

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A Fishy Tale
Students practice comparing and contrasting with this story and worksheet. (p. T201)
With Answer Key.
A Shark Named Rover
Students use "signal" words in this fish tale to help determine the correct sequence of events. (p. T171)
With Answer Key.
The Day of the Dream
Students practice drawing conclusions about characters and events from this short story. (p. T127)
With Answer Key.

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At the Scene of a Fire
Students look for signal words to determine the order of events in a story. (p. T169)
With Answer Key.
Activity: Close Encounters
Students practice paraphrasing with this story and activity. (p. T217)
With Answer Key.
The Lookout Mountain Tunnel
Students practice drawing conclusions about events from this short story. (p. T51)
With Answer Key.
What's Bugging Jessie?
Students use this reading activity to practice focusing on the author's main point and purpose. (p. T171)
With Answer Key.
The New Addition
Students practice identifying cause and effect based on clues from a story. (p. T269)
With Answer Key.

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A New Dog
Students use this story and "character web" to determine details about the narrator. (p. T75)
The World's Greatest Contralto
Students confirm, revise, and make predictions based on clues from this story. (p. T125)
The Development of the Modern Alphabet
Students use reading and writing skills as they learn about the history of the alphabet. (p. T131)

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