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The Goals of the Common Core State Standards

A Quantifiable Trajectory to College and Career Readiness

The purpose of this assessment is to provide tools to accelerate learning to higher goals. With SMI, teachers are provided with a growth measure for their students that help them determine if students are tracking to grade-level proficiency, and algebra, the gateway to college and career readiness.

career readiness

Fewer and Higher Standards with Greater Coherence

The content standard of the Quantile Framework are the basis of measure for the Scholastic Math Inventory. They do not represent every standard in mathematics—only those central to building critical foundations that accelerated growth through Algebra I.

How SMI Supports the Common Core

The Scholastic Math Inventory is based on the Quantile Framework for Mathematics, a measurement system and taxonomy that quantifies mathematical complexity and mathematical understanding. SMI supports the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics by:


  • Providing evidence of student’s learning and growth over time.
  • Linking assessment to instruction to improve the overall quality of learning and teaching.
  • Tracking students’ progress toward the goal of college and career readiness.

Using The Quantile Framework and SMI in conjunction with the Common Core State Standards prepares students to meet the mathematical demands for high school and post-secondary endeavors.