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How It Works

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    Password-protected assessments ensure a secure testing environment and allow students to work on SMI independently

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    SMI is a computer-adaptive assessment that adjusts to student performance to quickly measure students’ math achievement in one class period

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    Students receive immediate feedback to build confidence

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    SMI data is managed in the Scholastic Achievement Manager (SAM), which provides instant access to actionable reports to inform instruction

Screen Math Learners

  • Reporting on the developmental scale of The Quantile Framework for Mathematics, Scholastic Math Inventory accurately assesses students on all levels
  • With a high concurrency rate, SMI can support 700 simultaneous users

Make Instructional Decisions

  • With rank order reporting of students, SMI helps educators make RTI placement and small group placements
  • Personalized instructional recommendations based on students’ Quantile measures help educators differentiate instruction

Benchmark Progress and Report Growth

  • Administered 3-5 times a year, Scholastic Math Inventory tracks student growth to goals
  • Nine robust and scalable reports demonstrate the effects of instruction and intervention