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Program Overview



is a Formative Assessment that Helps Teachers Make Good Decisions in the Classroom

This universal screener and formative assessment shifts the paradigm from pinpointing what student do not know to defining what students know and can do. The key shift makes the difference in keeping students successful in core instructions and meeting the Common Core State Standards.

With up-to-the-minute reports and scientifically-designed data tools SMI helps teachers differentiate math instruction and accelerate growth through Algebra I.

With SMI, educators can:

Support an RTI Framework®

  • Reporting on a developmental scale, Scholastic Math Inventory supports universal screening for all instructional levels.
  • Assessing in a computer-adaptive environment supports growth monitoring.

Receive an Accurate, Native Quantile® Score

  • Assessing students directly on a proven scale provides a highly accurate score.
  • Assessing on Scholastic Math Inventory provides a native Quantile score, not a derived score from a correspondence table.

College and Career Readiness Goals

  • Set a quantifiable trajectory to and through Algebra 1 – the gatekeeper to College and Career Readiness.
  • With forecast tools, instructional interventions can be targeted, personalized, and effective.

Demonstrate Accountability

  • With 9 reports that provide clear actionable data, Scholastic Math Inventory keeps all educators focused on outcomes.
  • With 4 bilingual school-to-home letters, Scholastic Math Inventory helps educators communicate learning goals to parents and guardians.