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RTI Alignment

How SMI Supports Your RTI Implementation

RTI triangle

Tools to Differentiate Math Instruction on All Tiers

SMI makes The Quantile Framework actionable. With Quantile measures for students and explicit instructional recommendations, SMI provides clear information about the math skills and concepts students are ready to learn. It also identifies the foundational skills that teachers may need to rebuild.

SMI supports your RTI implementation with placement and benchmarking on all levels of instruction and bolsters Tier I instruction with the power to differentiate.

How SMI Aligns to the RTI Framework

RTI Requirement SMI
Data-based processes Entirely computer-based, SMI streamlines data management and reports performance on the universal scale of the Quantile Framework.
Universal screening With high concurrency rates, SMI can reliably screen all students as they prepare for eventual algebra instruction.
Scientifically validated and research-based Validation and reliability studies reveal effectiveness of the measurement and the testing instrument.
Clear identification of students in need of service Norm-referenced and criterion-referenced reports with personalized instructional recommendations support teachers with the most challenged math learners.
Benchmarking progress As a computer-adaptive test, SMI can be administered throughout the school year to track students’ progress.
Tools to determine if interventions are succeeding Growth reports for individual students and cohorts of students can help educators make appropriate placement decisions.
Support of human capital development Customized Web-based and in-person training available.
Intervention Grouping Report