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In this highly motivating cross-curricular activity, students set out on fact-finding missions that test math skills, provide practice researching on the Web, and boost reading comprehension. In each WebQuest-style Math Hunt, students visit Web sites related to social studies or science topics. There, they must find the information they need to solve a real-world math problem that covers one of 16 skills that correlate to curriculum standards for grades 5 through 8.

Students can work independently or in small groups to complete Math Hunt activities that focus on specific math topics. See the Skill Chart for a list of topics and the Math Hunts that support these skills.

General Objectives
By participating in Math Hunt, students will:
• Practice problem-solving skills from the grade 5-8 math curriculum
• Explore topics from the grades 5-8 science and social studies curriculum
• Learn basic Internet research skills
• Develop an understanding of the construction of standardized test questions and multiple-choice answers