Math Maven's Mysteries - Test your math skills and crack the case.
Calling all math detectives! Mysteries are popping all over town, and our chief sleuth needs your help to crack each case.

Pick a Mystery      Teacher's Guide

Skill Difficulty*
Cafeteria Caper Logical Reasoning *
Mystery at the Third Strike Sports Store Logical Reasoning **
Bell Clapper Caper Logical Reasoning **
The Pilfered Pizza Logical Reasoning **
Golden Bat Bandit Logical Reasoning ***
The Mad Adder Whole Number Operations *
Mystery at the Peculiar Zoo Whole Number Operations *
The Big Top Carnival Caper Whole Number & Operations **
The Hatcher Hotel Heist Whole Number Operations **
The Cuckoo Caper Whole Number Operations ***
Virtual Pet 2000 Fractions & Ratios **
Pirate Ringold's Lost Treasure Fractions & Ratios **
The Cajun Chili Caper Fractions & Ratios ***
Daryl the Dirty Dealer Money & Decimals *
The Mysterious Money Trail Money & Decimals *
The Troublesome Triplets Money & Decimals **
E. Quation The Great Patterns & Missing Number Equations *
The Case of the Skating Bus Driver Patterns & Missing Number Equations **
The Phantom Number Cruncher Patterns & Missing Number Equations **
The Dastardly Disguiser Combinations & Probability **
Loud Louie & His Bad Vibes Band Combinations & Probability ***
Time For a Crime Measurement & Time *
The Cool Calculator Caper Measurement & Time **
The Colossal Circus Caper Measurement & Time ***
Captain Devious Measurement & Time ***
The Shifting Shapes Geometry & Spatial Relationships *
The Incredible Shrinking Garden Geometry & Spatial Relationships **

  *     * Easy       ** Medium       *** Difficult