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Hi, I'm the Math Maven, chief sleuth on the Scholastic Web site! You'll soon see that I'm always on the scene of a hot new crime — and I need your help to solve these odd mysteries. I'm looking forward to getting to know lots of new friends, and hope that all my old pals join me again this year too!

The Writer Behind the Math Maven: Audrey Carangelo

Audrey Carangelo lives in New York City, where she has worked as an educational writer and editor for over 12 years. When she's not busy devising the next intriguing Math Maven mystery, she spends her spare time writing (what she calls) "The Great American Novel."

Being the Math Maven isn't all fun and games. It means when she goes out to eat, she always gets stuck dividing the check and figuring the tip. And when she goes shopping, she's always hunting for the best bargain.

Audrey also likes to spend afternoons at New York's Yankee Stadium calculating the baseball players' batting averages. After all, mathematics isn't just about dining and shopping!

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