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Good-bye Training Wheels! | Max's Math Adventures

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My name is Max—
Maximillion if you like.
But don’t bother me now,
‘cause I’m riding my bike.


Good-bye Training Wheels!

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I'm the world's greatest rider,
I can ride on any street.
I can ride with one hand,
I can ride without feet.

There's just one problem —
Can you imagine how it feels
To be the world's greatest rider
And still use training wheels?

It really does bug me.
I want to bike in style.
One day to make up for it,
I rode for miles and miles.

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I biked 20 miles
To a town called Cariboo.
Then I rode for 18 more
Before I stopped to tie my shoe.

I pedaled 32 miles
To Tuscaloosa Bay.
Then I pedaled 26 more —
People cheering on my way!

I rode 40 miles to Palooka
When I heard a rattling sound.
I was going down a hill,
So I could not turn around.

When I reached the bottom,
I pulled over a lawn.
I looked down at my bike
And my training wheels were gone!

"Oh wow!" I said. "I did it!
"You don't know how good this feels."
Now I AM the world's best rider,
And I DON'T need training wheels!

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Max's Challenge

How far did Max ride that day? Use what you know about tens to estimate the distance.

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Max rode:

280 miles

136 miles

36 miles