Max's Math Adventure

  Max's Math Adventures

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Max and Ruthie putting apples into a machine
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Dr. Proctor’s multiplying machine
Was like nothing we had ever seen.
It was tall, shiny, and brand-new.
You won’t believe what it can do!


Dr. Proctor's Multiplying Machine

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Put 3 apples in the hole
Then press "2" on the control.
Out come 2 groups of 3 —
6 apples in all, don't you see?

Into the machine, I put 4 pies.
Ruthie pressed "3" and to our surprise
Out came 4 and 4 and 4 —
12 pies in all and not one more.

Five cars were the last to go in.
We pressed "2" to begin.
Out popped 2 groups of 5 —
10 cars ready for a drive!

I do not know why
This machine can multiply.
It must be very smart
To make more at the end than at the start!

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Max's Challenge

Now is your chance to try out Dr. Proctor's multiplying machine. What would come out if you put into the machine each of the items listed below? Use the Activity Page to help you figure out the solutions.

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Extra Challenges

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4 basketballs and press "2"?
8 basketballs
6 basketballs
2 basketballs

3 pencils and press "3"?
15 pencils
6 pencils
9 pencils

5 ducks and press "3"?
8 ducks
2 ducks
15 ducks