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Farmer Fred counting pigs
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Ruthie and I and our friend Ed
Went to visit farmer Fred.
“I need your help to count,” he said,
“All the animals before they’re fed.”


Farmer Fred's Counting Fun

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In the pigpen there were 4.
Farmer Fred put in 2 more.
That's 6 pigs if you are
Someone who is keeping score.

5 cows were looking really great.
3 more soon came through the gate.
They were not a minute late.
How many cows? There are 8.

7 chickens feeling fine
Were all standing in a line.
With 2 more the total came to 9.
Then they all began to dine.

At the end of the day
We heard Fred say,
"I added animals and took none away.
With your help it seemed like play!"

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Max's Challenge

Ruthie and I need your help adding some more of Farmer Fred's animals. Use the Activity Page for help with the problems below.

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Extra Challenges

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How many rabbits would Farmer Fred have if he started with 1 rabbit and added 2 more?
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How many horses would Farmer Fred have if he started with 3 horses and added 4 more?
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How many sheep would Farmer Fred have if he started with 4 sheep and added 5 more?
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