Max's Math Adventure

  Max's Math Adventures

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My name is Max, and this is the truth,
I’m back at school with my friend Ruth.
Summer was great, in a sticky-hot way
In our town – Mathematical Bay.


The Summer Mystery Garden

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You see, Ruthie and I, on the Fourth of July
Found a packet of what looked like beads.
"Not at all," Ruthie cried, when we looked inside
"These are giant fruit and vegetable seeds."
And sure enough, when we planted the stuff,
Strange things started to bloom.
There were enormous potatoes, tremendous tomatoes
And bananas the length of a broom.
There were huge nectarines, baseball-size beans,
And peaches like beach balls, bright pink.
If you think that's scary, check out this berry
It's really a monster, don't you think?
We had green sugar peas, that came up to my knees
And hot peppers that came to my shoulders.
We grew oranges with peels the size of bicycle wheels
And our pumpkins were as big as boulders.
And that's not all, when summer turned to fall
And our crops began to get ripe
We got boxes and bins, to sort them all in
By color, shape, size, and type.

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Max's Challenge

Help Ruthie and me find three different ways to sort the fruits and vegetables.

Your First Name:

List three ways you sorted the fruits and vegetables:

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