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Answers to Extra Challenges
  1. Students may go about this task in many different ways. One method is for them to divide a paper in half. They can label one side "Girls" and the other side "Boys." Students may use pencil lines, drawings, or names to represent each boy and girl. They should use the data they collect to create any type of graph they like. You may want to encourage them to do a bar graph or a pictograph.
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  2. Children may divide a paper in thirds and label each section "Spaghetti," "Hot Dogs," "Pizza." They can then ask their classmates about their favorite food. They can write the children's names or use tallies to show their preferences. There are a number of ways to depict their data in a graph.
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  3. The children will need to write the question they asked on the top of a piece of paper and use a graph to show the data they collect. They might use a bar graph, tally marks, or a pictograph to represent the data collected. The children should label their graphs with the provided answer choices.
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